Rhenalt thinks, breathes and lives music! He has been interested in electronic music since the late 80′s. Going to the nightclubs in the 90′s inspired him to start djing. Hearing the legendary DJ’s helped him find his sound. He has performed in every major club in New York City. His international gigs have taken him to venues in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rhenalt’s style of music varies between groovy, funky house/banging electro/hard hitting tribal and the dirtiest house known to man. Rhenalt’s DJ sets are filled with energy that keeps the crowd in a frenzy.

Si Woods

I'm Simon Woods, a techno producer and DJ from Liverpool UK. In 2002, inspired by DJs like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and Ben Sims, I got my first set of decks and started to play music myself, eventually playing gigs across Liverpool. Since setting up a studio at home I have concentrated almost exclusively on music production, focusing on a dark, techy, sound culminating in this first release on debuger.


Nuendo is a Sydney based music producer who made a name by winning multiple remix contests back in 2012. Since then, he has had many successful releases capturing the essence of true house music. In particular, his track “Stars” reached no.54 on the beatport chillout charts and has featured on many club and radio charts internationally. Gaining this recognition has inspired Nuendo to take the world by storm and provide his listeners with music that will take them on an incredible journey!


Sam McCormick (1993) a.k.a 'Mo:Re' - is a self-taught producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. An avid collector of an expansive variety of music, his taste can be surmised as an eclectic blend of everything electronic. When producing, his preferred choice is House and Techno, however he does enjoy experimenting with other genres. His love for this style of music was cultivated in Glasgow’s well established nightclubs, specifically his favourite which is 'SubClub'.

Vid Marjanovic

Vid Marjanovic (1989) is a DJ and producer from Belgrade, Serbia. In his DJ sets you can hear many different kind of styles, it is a smooth mixture of Techno, Progressive House, Minimal, Tech-House, Deep House, Dub Techno, Psychedelic, BreakBeat & Jazz sounds. After being involved into psy/progressive trance scene as a DJ & Promoter from 2007-2009, at the end of year 2009 he decided to put his focus only into music production. At that period of time he was mostly influenced by artists like: Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Moby, Ott, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Dusty Kid, The Crystal Method, Laurent Garnier, Trentemoller, Extrawelt, Maetrik, Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Minilogue etc.


Techno producer and DJ based in Malta, originally from the UK.

Mostly known for his dark style, blending raw industrial noise with melodic interludes.

Multiple releases on independent record labels and always busy in the studio working on new material.


Traveltech aka Balint Bendeguz Bakos was born in Budapest in 1985. His love for music began in his childhood but at that time there weren’t any computer programs, tutorials and sound packages by which music and mixes could have been easily created.
In the year 1999 he started writing his own music, based only on his own ideas and sounds he learnt by himself to use several kinds of DAW software. Later he started playing music in small clubs using only vinyl.


"In the same, even, of the sameness, always comes the novelty."

Di Martins, began to enjoy electronic music in 2002, while attending indoor and open air parties in the state of São Paulo.

Influenced by the musical style of his favorite DJs, he noticed that his interest in electronic music was increasing - and that just listening to it was not enough - led him to join a DJ course.

DJ GrujA

DJ GrujA is a DJ and a producer from Belgrade, Serbia. His first success was when his track "Activated" was released on "Carl Cox - Live at Dance Valley 2008" and "Carl Cox and Friends" CDs. After that he did a track called "Tom & Snaree" that found the way to "Carl Cox 24/7" DVD. In year 2008. he started a label called "Debuger" that gathered a lot of young and perspective producers.


Dasero is an electronic music addict, a life dedicated to develop smart rhythms has taken him to go among different styles, from house to hard-techno, minimal to hip hop or breaks but always printing his trademark. Like many artists of his generation saw a great opportunity to translate his ideas about dance music with the earliest computer DAW's leading him to publish some vinyls and perform the first live-acts of the time using these tools.

DJ Sam Miguel

Sam Miguel has been writing/co-writing tracks since the 90s, DJing under the name Sammy J. Jr., using his sets to test reaction to his tracks before publishing. His early collaborations were with classmates Room 208 and KNIGHT.

DJing highlights include his first residency at the Rhu Bar (Basingstoke) and appearances at London's Ministry of Sound.

Andreja Z

Andreja Zelic known as "Andreja Z" and recently also as "WeltSchmerz" was born in Begrade (Serbia), 31 years ago. His career had started in New York, where he had bought his first turntables and vinyls. During the 90s, his was interesting in early Techno scene in “Industia”, leading night club in Belgrade in that period, and instantly consumed by the first wave of Techno music. Not long time after that, his life path was completely formed, and he began to explore various forms of electronic music. Mostly attracted by Detroit and Funky Hard Techno sound, he started to play music.

DJ Sedatophobia

DJ Sedatophobia is a Deep House / Tech House project of Niek Schokkenbroek from the Netherlands who is currently residing in Lebanon.
This unique arrangement came fully into being in 2015 though DJ Sedatophobia started performing in the Netherlands and abroad in 2012. The name Sedatophobia is a reference to the Latin term for an irrational fear of silence.
His DJ sets, which he simply named 'Compulsive Movement Mixes’, are now released weekly on several radio stations in the Netherlands and, as of recently, in Ireland.


Wicks-e (DJ Sam Miguel's nephew) joined in on the production side of things and they had their first joint effort released while Wicks-e was still at school. Both draw heavily on their love of early Chicago house and Detroit techno in both production and DJ sets.

Stanny Abram

Stanny Abram's passion for music evolved in mid 80's listening to, at the time very popular, radio Luxemburg. Starting with two tape recorders his enthusiasm was immediately noticed and introduced to a fellow DJ Amado Sallinas. They teamed up and started learning different techniques of mixing on record players. House and at the time more popular Acid House soon replaced Italo Disco which gained him a lot of air time in some of the hottest clubs in Slovenia.


MAMMOTH generates and purveys underground energy. Titillating, strange house grooves that make people band together like family. MAMMOTH happened when three in-demand artists from diverse origins, collectivized on the paradise isle of Bali, Indonesia. Pyrope, a lauded Belgian rock songstress/instrumentalist turned DJ. Ben Burgess, a longtime English club spinner with notorious tenure in Asia’s party diaspora. Ebar/Grass Is Greener, a New York City label boss and studio veteran with tendrils into the international festival scene...

Igor Milton

Born in Dubrovnik, hailing from Bonn...

At the beginning of the nineties, he was one of the founders and a member of the dance group "Big Blue" in Dubrovnik. After the breakdown of that group he became the artistic leader of the most successful dance group in Dubrovnik named "Labirius''...

Noone Costelo

Nemanja Kostic, aka Noone Costelo, was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Costelo showed his first interest in music production 1997. In 2001 he began producing and mixing electronic music. He DJ's regularly in Belgrade clubs such as: Club Peoples, Club Office, Movie Bar, Schnapps Bar... In 2009, Costelo performed with great success at the IAC Festival in Brussels. In 2010 he participated on Exit Music Festival. Right after, he released more than 30 releases for various records labels (as DJ Koja).


Vaxx has emerged as a solo act from the Mandem N Tandem duo. This time around, he produces and plays house music with a Chicago inspiration with rolling basslines. His sound is very minimalistic and yet very funky and deep in the same time.

Oscar Mackenzie

Born 20 July 1991. Oscar is a British Producer & DJ from the North West, UK. He has been producing since back in high school over 10 years ago, but more recently taken things to a higher level when his first single was released mid 2018, which went to number 1 on the labels top 10. He has since had a release on a New York based label 'Beat Nasty Records' and 'Koda Recordings' respectively. Oscar has played at Amsterdam Spring Break, supporting Sam Divine, and is also DJing at Budafest September 2019.


Staniša Krstic is Serbian electronic music producer and DJ also known as Stanisha. His extensive production work,have helped established him as one of the fastest rising stars within the progressivehouse music community. With big experience in music production he was playing experimental electronic music from 1995 with band B1op1a3ma (Staniša Krstic, Zdravko Karanovic, Dejan Sotirovic). From 2000 with influence of Exit festival he change his style in to deep dark progressivehouse... His productions has been internationally supported by many of the world's leading tastemakers.

Lex Loofah

Lex Loofah has been producing since the early 90's. He's had releases on the Legendary Warp records under the names Solitaire Gee, Black Mojo and Jaco as well as Lex Loofah. Since then he's had releases on many labels including: Warp, Positiva, Undercool, Kaleydo Records, Abracadabra, Marba, 1980 Records, 19-08 Recordings, Alakazam, G-Stoned, Hocus Pocus, Incoming, Originators, Red Robot, Nasimus, Nice N' Nasty, Dublin Xpress, 22 Digit, Full House Digital, Royal Music Recordings, Club Vibez and many more. He is also the Owner of Fett Recordings and LB recordings.

Edu Andreazza

Edu Andreazza started in music at age 15 as a drummer, played in various hardcore and metal bands, and currently acts as a member of a local band. He has studio experience recording cd´s for the different bands he has played. With time and admiration for electronic music he started to study music production, and have dedicated himself in the production of Techno. His first release was in 2016, and he has been constantly creating tracks and release them with various labels from around the world.


Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1976, Tomoya Matsubara worked as a DJ from 1996 to 2004. Around 2008 he moved onto music production with a taste for deep house, techno and twisted electronica, under the name Reqterdrumer. To date, he has had releases on several labels around the world, spanning from the, UK, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, and Japan. In May 2012, he did a remix for the Mission One EP - Analog People which reached #48 on the Beatport Techno chart.

Jody Taylor

Bali born Indonesian/New Zealand producer Jody Taylor has been apart of the Indonesian clubbing scene since the tender age of 16. Starting off with old versions of Fruity Loops back in high school while having a residency on Thursday nights, some would say he's an early starter to the whole clubbing culture. From signing with various record labels under a different alias to playing on Ministry of Sound Radio while traveling the world doing various music and entertainment related projects, Jody is back releasing music that is more true to his core. Straight up House and Techno. More recently, Serbian native record label Debuger, has added Jody to the roster with a track titled "Aliens on MSG" which was inspired by his trip to the International Music Summit in Shanghai.

Mateo Rey

Mateo Rey (Matt McAree) was born and bred in Belfast, Ireland. He started producing at the age of 15 after playing bass guitar for a while. He moved to Amsterdam and Ibiza for a number of years very close to the music scene. He also became fluent in Spanish while living in Ibiza and Mateo Rey is an almost literal translation of the original Gaelic meaning of his name into Spanish. Mateo later came back to Belfast to run very successful club nights showcasing the best of Underground Belfast, working with most of the recognised local techno, house and D'n'B DJs.

Liberty Klaud

Liberty Klaud is born 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2003, under the influence of Belgrade trance scene, he starts to make music. Learning, improving and experimenting through years, he finally finds himself in minimal, techno and house genres which lead him to his first release in 2010. This didn't stop him from experimenting with sound. Live instruments combined with heavy duty percussion's and trembling basses becomes the essence of his production and that's what gives Liberty unique and massive sound.


Stefan Ristevski aka Sevatec was born in 1996 and is a Sydney based Producer/Dj and is focused on the tech house sounds.His love for music started in his hometown Bitola,Macedonia working at a local radio station for 2 years.Soon after moving back to Sydney he became active with tech house and deep house tunes.He tends to mix his sounds up with groovy vocals and dark synths.Djiing throughout Sydney and parts of Europe,Sevatec has the feel for underground music from both sides of the world.He's known to his crowd by implementing tribal and iberican sounds making sure everyone enjoys his deli


Hungarian-born DJ and producer with international experience, selector and record collector. Grown up in the “rave”-era of the 90’s he had his first encounter with electronic music discovering early techno, house and trance productions.

During his activity in the Hungarian scene for nearly two decades he regularly played in highly renowned clubs of Budapest such as Pacha, Home, Dokk, Coronita, etc. and others all across the region.

Forest People

Forest People is the alter ego of young deejay and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Lakic. Born and raised in the small town of Prnjavor, Dragan first got in touch with electronic music trough a friend who gave him an album of Mauro Picotto. His interest in techno and minimal music grew fast and he soon discovered the beautiful world of electronic music. After some parties Dragan got to know the right people and started mixing records in 2004, and soon playing in few towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

William Masson

My name is William Masson, Born in Paris 1980, i'm half french, half english dj & producer. I play & produce Deep House, Techno & Electronica as well. Right After having seen Laurent Garnier playing in the first Techno Parade in Paris in 1998, i decided to buy vinyls turntables and started to train harshly for almost a year. After that, i happened to play in students parties in "Chalet de la porte jaune" in Paris alternately with warehouse parties in east London with a collective i was part of.

Christian Lema

Christian Lema is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He specializes in minimal techno, where he tries to push the boundaries through unique sound design.

Fedja Knajdl

The first time Fedja came in touch with music and felt it for what it is, was through his father's records (The Temptations, Santana, Cream...). His musical talent improved over the years while attending musical schools. The result was a start of his musical career in rock and later alternative sound. He played in several rock bands as well as the alternative band called BADGE that was very successful at the time. In late 90's he was inspired by performers such as Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, which shifted his talent to a different level.

Deni Shober

A music lover from birth, Deni Shober started as a sound man and light programmer. In 2008. he started as a DJ, going from small to bigger clubs in Indonesia. As he got bigger as a DJ, he joined 76Beat artist management in Bali, and started to get into music production. Since then he signed a couple of releases on different labels, including his first release on Debuger titled "Long Way".

We are yet to hear more from him.

Stole Popovic

Stole Popovic was born on 14/07/1986 in Serbia. He decicded to deal with music in elementary school when he was 13 years old. Listening to punk-metal and rock music, he decided to start with playing the guitar which after a while replaced with turntables and mixer. At the beginning of the year 2000, visited the first party of electronic music, after which he became a big fan and he wanted to try his luck as a DJ.

Fox Sounds

Fox Sounds was born on the 5th of December 2001 in the Netherlands. He mainly focuses on progressive house, but his music isn't following any rules. Fox Sounds just makes music because it's his passion, and he only wants to make what feels right to make. His favourite music genres are house and film scores.

It started just as a hobby after having seen Armin van Buuren live on television. He began to experiment on making music after he bought his first DAW. When time progresses, the self-taught artist learned more and more and he started to post his music online.


Hailing from Basel, Switzerland - Wohlgy is a producer with a very interesting and promising background. He approaches his music with an indie-sensibility and incorporates this into his productions with the use of his guitar. As a teenager, Wohlgy was fascinated by rock, metal and fusion bands, first playing in some of the bands in his area before taking up the production of dance music. From early on in his musical career, electronic samples grabbed his attention, experimented with recording techniques and building his songs through the use of synths and drum samples.


Born in Nashville, TN in 1976, Growing up he was into skateboarding, heavy metal, punk, and industrial music. He started going to warehouse parties in 1992 and was hooked on electronic music from there. He started DJing in '94 when he got his first set of Technics 1200's. Two years later; in '96; he was djing at parties playing techno and acid records. He was a dj for 20 years before he decided to get serious with producing his own tracks. He has had a love affair with computers and a passion for all things Techno, Acid & Tech House since the early 90’s.

Tantze Knut

Knut Kintscher, aka, „Tantze Knut“ was born in 1986, in Hannover, Germany, but is based in Hamburg since 2009. Being drummer and co-founder in 2001. of the nationwide-known instrumental postrock band Hermelin, Tantze Knut is proud to look back upon several releases and numerous live-acts. In his opinion there are interesting parallels between electronic music and instrumental postrock music. Hermelin’s leitmotiv has always been transporting energy and devotion, far away from classical song structures, and this is what you find as well in latest Tantze Knut productions.


Embroidered into the fabric of the electronic music scene in his early 20's under different alias's, Gartz managed to play at some of the best venues in the UK and held residencies at such clubs as Sankeys,Manchester and Mint club in Leeds. Over a decade of clubbing, promoting events, Djing and eventually producing music, his pedigree is unquestionable and from the vast amount of experience & knowledge gained on his journey, gives him the understanding and ability to sculpture his ever evolving sound and become a success as an artist.