MAMMOTH generates and purveys underground energy. Titillating, strange house grooves that make people band together like family.

MAMMOTH happened when three in-demand artists from diverse origins, collectivized on the paradise isle of Bali, Indonesia. Pyrope, a lauded Belgian rock songstress/instrumentalist turned DJ. Ben Burgess, a longtime English club spinner with notorious tenure in Asia’s party diaspora. Ebar/Grass Is Greener, a New York City label boss and studio veteran with tendrils into the international festival scene. Nearly sixty-five years (!) industry experience between them.

MAMMOTH spends allnighters scavenging the deep corners of the Interwebs for music from mysterious record labels, arcane blogs, or edits & originals from the Mammoth production bunker itself.

MAMMOTH trades in overpowering sub-bass, penetrating synth lines, jacking percussion, and bizarre looping textures. They perpetrate their sound to your speaker stacks via 4x deck tagteam DJ sets.


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