DJ Sedatophobia

DJ Sedatophobia

DJ Sedatophobia is a Deep House / Tech House project of Niek Schokkenbroek from the Netherlands who is currently residing in Lebanon.

This unique arrangement came fully into being in 2015 though DJ Sedatophobia started performing in the Netherlands and abroad in 2012. The name Sedatophobia is a reference to the Latin term for an irrational fear of silence.

His DJ sets, which he simply named 'Compulsive Movement Mixes’, are now released weekly on several radio stations in the Netherlands and, as of recently, in Ireland.

The year 2015 has been quite productive for DJ Sedatophobia as he managed to release 7 EPs in various countries, e.g. Serbia, Ukraine, USA and Russia. And there are more to come.

All of his tracks and mixes are melodious in essence, making you move before you actually realize it - it is compulsive, remember?
He bases his melodies on the passion for music of several genres - the drive, the focus, the energy - all combined to unleash creativity and navigate the momentary, fiery, impetuous fervor into the enduring elements of calm and deep. The result is bereft of despondency, embraced with substance, powerful and provocative.

Prepared for the voyage? Fear no silence on this outing…

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