Tantze Knut

Knut Kintscher, aka, „Tantze Knut“ was born in 1986, in Hannover, Germany, but is based in Hamburg since 2009. Being drummer and co-founder in 2001. of the nationwide-known instrumental postrock band Hermelin, Tantze Knut is proud to look back upon several releases and numerous live-acts. In his opinion there are interesting parallels between electronic music and instrumental postrock music. Hermelin’s leitmotiv has always been transporting energy and devotion, far away from classical song structures, and this is what you find as well in latest Tantze Knut productions.


Hailing from Basel, Switzerland - Wohlgy is a producer with a very interesting and promising background. He approaches his music with an indie-sensibility and incorporates this into his productions with the use of his guitar. As a teenager, Wohlgy was fascinated by rock, metal and fusion bands, first playing in some of the bands in his area before taking up the production of dance music. From early on in his musical career, electronic samples grabbed his attention, experimented with recording techniques and building his songs through the use of synths and drum samples.

Stole Popovic

Stole Popovic was born on 14/07/1986 in Serbia. He decicded to deal with music in elementary school when he was 13 years old. Listening to punk-metal and rock music, he decided to start with playing the guitar which after a while replaced with turntables and mixer. At the beginning of the year 2000, visited the first party of electronic music, after which he became a big fan and he wanted to try his luck as a DJ.

Fedja Knajdl

The first time Fedja came in touch with music and felt it for what it is, was through his father's records (The Temptations, Santana, Cream...). His musical talent improved over the years while attending musical schools. The result was a start of his musical career in rock and later alternative sound. He played in several rock bands as well as the alternative band called BADGE that was very successful at the time. In late 90's he was inspired by performers such as Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, which shifted his talent to a different level.

Forest People

Forest People is the alter ego of young deejay and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Lakic. Born and raised in the small town of Prnjavor, Dragan first got in touch with electronic music trough a friend who gave him an album of Mauro Picotto. His interest in techno and minimal music grew fast and he soon discovered the beautiful world of electronic music. After some parties Dragan got to know the right people and started mixing records in 2004, and soon playing in few towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Liberty Klaud

Liberty Klaud is born 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2003, under the influence of Belgrade trance scene, he starts to make music. Learning, improving and experimenting through years, he finally finds himself in minimal, techno and house genres which lead him to his first release in 2010. This didn't stop him from experimenting with sound. Live instruments combined with heavy duty percussion's and trembling basses becomes the essence of his production and that's what gives Liberty unique and massive sound.


Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1976, Tomoya Matsubara worked as a DJ from 1996 to 2004. Around 2008 he moved onto music production with a taste for deep house, techno and twisted electronica, under the name Reqterdrumer. To date, he has had releases on several labels around the world, spanning from the, UK, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, and Japan. In May 2012, he did a remix for the Mission One EP - Analog People which reached #48 on the Beatport Techno chart.