Christian Lema

Christian Lema is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He specializes in minimal techno, where he tries to push the boundaries through unique sound design.


Hungarian-born DJ and producer with international experience, selector and record collector. Grown up in the “rave”-era of the 90’s he had his first encounter with electronic music discovering early techno, house and trance productions.

During his activity in the Hungarian scene for nearly two decades he regularly played in highly renowned clubs of Budapest such as Pacha, Home, Dokk, Coronita, etc. and others all across the region.

Mateo Rey

Mateo Rey (Matt McAree) was born and bred in Belfast, Ireland. He started producing at the age of 15 after playing bass guitar for a while. He moved to Amsterdam and Ibiza for a number of years very close to the music scene. He also became fluent in Spanish while living in Ibiza and Mateo Rey is an almost literal translation of the original Gaelic meaning of his name into Spanish. Mateo later came back to Belfast to run very successful club nights showcasing the best of Underground Belfast, working with most of the recognised local techno, house and D'n'B DJs.

Edu Andreazza

Edu Andreazza started in music at age 15 as a drummer, played in various hardcore and metal bands, and currently acts as a member of a local band. He has studio experience recording cd´s for the different bands he has played. With time and admiration for electronic music he started to study music production, and have dedicated himself in the production of Techno. His first release was in 2016, and he has been constantly creating tracks and release them with various labels from around the world.

Oscar Mackenzie

Born 20 July 1991. Oscar is a British Producer & DJ from the North West, UK. He has been producing since back in high school over 10 years ago, but more recently taken things to a higher level when his first single was released mid 2018, which went to number 1 on the labels top 10. He has since had a release on a New York based label 'Beat Nasty Records' and 'Koda Recordings' respectively. Oscar has played at Amsterdam Spring Break, supporting Sam Divine, and is also DJing at Budafest September 2019.

Igor Milton

Born in Dubrovnik, hailing from Bonn...

At the beginning of the nineties, he was one of the founders and a member of the dance group "Big Blue" in Dubrovnik. After the breakdown of that group he became the artistic leader of the most successful dance group in Dubrovnik named "Labirius''...


"In the same, even, of the sameness, always comes the novelty."

Di Martins, began to enjoy electronic music in 2002, while attending indoor and open air parties in the state of São Paulo.

Influenced by the musical style of his favorite DJs, he noticed that his interest in electronic music was increasing - and that just listening to it was not enough - led him to join a DJ course.