Debuger Podcast 008 - Hosted By William Masson

New episode of Debuger podcast. William Masson starts up from deep ambiental electronica, then travels trough deep house ll the way to Detroit. Enjoy!

Debuger Podcast 008 - Hosted By William Masson.mp3
Debuger Podcast 008 tracklist.txt


1.Arovane - Passage To Nagoya
2.Teebs - LSP
3.Makeup And Vanity Set - They Roam In Packs
4.Xosar - Elixir Of Dreams
5.Nufrequency Feat. Ben Onomo - Fallen Hero (MCDE Remix)
6.Icube - Falling
7.Pablo Bolivar - Just Perfect Landscapes
8.Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (Kink Remix)
9.O’Flynn - Eleven
10.Youandewan - Be Dark
11.Trevino - Slide Away
12.Mr G - Make Me Mad
13.Fiba Matemo - Porcelain

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