[DEB106] DJ Sam Miguel and Wicks-E - Deep Underground

Sam Miguel has been writing/co-writing tracks since the 90s, DJing under the name Sammy J. Jr., using his sets to test reaction to his tracks before publishing. His early collaborations were with classmates Room 208 and KNIGHT...

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"In the same, even, of the sameness, always comes the novelty."

Di Martins, began to enjoy electronic music in 2002, while attending indoor and open air parties in the state of São Paulo.

Influenced by the musical style of his favorite DJs, he noticed that his interest in electronic music was increasing - and that just listening to it was not enough - led him to join a DJ course.


Techno producer and DJ based in Malta, originally from the UK.

Mostly known for his dark style, blending raw industrial noise with melodic interludes.

Multiple releases on independent record labels and always busy in the studio working on new material.

[DEB105] Pineal - Eye That Sees Everything

It makes sense to ask: "Does spiritual life already exist from the fourth dimension?" We live in three dimensions, and the only way to relate to the fourth is through time. Pineal, the gland that gives us the notion of time, is the only structure of the body that transposes this dimension, capable of capturing information beyond the third. It is the point of substantial union between body and soul.

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Sam McCormick (1993) a.k.a 'Mo:Re' - is a self-taught producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. An avid collector of an expansive variety of music, his taste can be surmised as an eclectic blend of everything electronic. When producing, his preferred choice is House and Techno, however he does enjoy experimenting with other genres. His love for this style of music was cultivated in Glasgow’s well established nightclubs, specifically his favourite which is 'SubClub'.