tantze knut

[DEB060] Debuger - Best Remixes

It's Debuger No. 60 and I would like to say thanks to all the people that helped us to reach to that number. This is the selection of remixes that shaped Debuger in the last 7 years. Once again, big thanks to all the artist and all of you that enjoy and support our music!

Tantze Knut

Knut Kintscher, aka, „Tantze Knut“ was born in 1986, in Hannover, Germany, but is based in Hamburg since 2009. Being drummer and co-founder in 2001. of the nationwide-known instrumental postrock band Hermelin, Tantze Knut is proud to look back upon several releases and numerous live-acts. In his opinion there are interesting parallels between electronic music and instrumental postrock music. Hermelin’s leitmotiv has always been transporting energy and devotion, far away from classical song structures, and this is what you find as well in latest Tantze Knut productions.

[DEB053] Tantze Knut - Put Your Hands Up And Smile EP

A new guy on Debuger. Tantze Knut is an artist that is hard to describe. His music is a combination of many things. In his tracks you can hear a bit of 80's synthpop, 90's techno and trance, some early electro sounding synths, a touch of modern progressive sound, and what not.