[DEB093] RSTYKAT - Swaging

We have a new artist on Debuger and his name is RSTYKAT. He brings very unique sound, spanning across genres and styles. I think that you will find this one very interesting. Enjoy!

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Born in Nashville, TN in 1976, Growing up he was into skateboarding, heavy metal, punk, and industrial music. He started going to warehouse parties in 1992 and was hooked on electronic music from there. He started DJing in '94 when he got his first set of Technics 1200's. Two years later; in '96; he was djing at parties playing techno and acid records. He was a dj for 20 years before he decided to get serious with producing his own tracks. He has had a love affair with computers and a passion for all things Techno, Acid & Tech House since the early 90’s.