dj gruja

[DEB068] DJ GrujA - Rave Generator

Here's two of my new tracks, actually not that new, been on a hard drive for a while. Few days ago, I was messing around and found those two, a little more retro synths than usual, hope you like it!

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[DEB064] DJ GrujA - Breaking Points

And now for something completely different... I was playing with a guitar riff, when accidentally this track emerged, I don't know about the genre, beat is broken, has a techno flavor, big beat?
What do you think?

[DEB062] Stole Popovic - Past In The Future

After a long, long time, Stole Popovic is back, and he is bringing two new tracks. First one is something that you don't hear every day, very powerful sound, beautiful funky lead synt, perfectly layered with other synths that are building a great stereo image.

[DEB061] Traveltech - Strings

Traveltech is on Debuger again! His new track Strings is very melodic and smooth. Layers of synths are giving a sensation of flowing trough sound. DJ GrujA did a remix that is more about a funky bassline, with one of the synth samples getting distorted and followed by another one that completes the picture.

[DEB060] Debuger - Best Remixes

It's Debuger No. 60 and I would like to say thanks to all the people that helped us to reach to that number. This is the selection of remixes that shaped Debuger in the last 7 years. Once again, big thanks to all the artist and all of you that enjoy and support our music!

How I Ended Up Running a Label?

Back in year 2008 I was DJ-ing at some of the underground clubs of Belgrade, mostly with a crew from my neighborhood (Boža, Andreja Z, Igor Krsmanovic, Milan). It is interesting that in my neighborhood there was like 20 DJs\producers in the radius of 1 km. I have starting messing around with music years before, when I was just a kid, playing with two cassette decks, speeding up some tapes with rap beats and hard core riffs and recording the sequences into some kind of primitive mixes. After that came some rudimentary software, then the first turntables and a mixer that was made by my friend who was into electronics and was willing to make a mixer by my instructions. I was hooked.