dj gruja

[DEB046] DJ GrujA - Been Moving

Two new ones from DJ GrujA. Strictly funky techno this time. It's all about getting people to move. Funky basslines and synths, vocal cuts and some tribal percussions. For those DJ's who are all about the real art of mixing.

[DEB044] DJ GrujA - Fix It EP

DJ GrujA started creating music at the age of sixteen. In 2008. he published his first track "Activated" on the "Carl Cox - Live at Dance Valley 2008." and "Carl Cox And Friends" CD's.

[DEB043] V.A. - The Best Of Debuger

This is a release that represents the best selling tracks on Debuger. Only the best by: Stanny Abram, Liberty Klaud, W.A.R.Z., DJ GrujA, Andreja Z, Stole Popovic, Root Locus, Peyya and DJ Jock. Enjoy!

[DEB042] DJ GrujA - Maladjustment EP (free release)

DJ GrujA - Maladjustment EP is out and its FREE. Keeping in mind the nature of this release, and the message that it sends, I decided that it should be free. Andreja Z and Stanny Abram did great remixes, big thanks to them (they won't get any money ;)).

[DEB041] DJ GrujA - Confront

New Debuger is out! DJ GrujA bring two unconventional tracks this time. "Confront" is a track that fuses together a number of different elements, electro and house mixed with trumpet samples.

[DEB040] Liberty Klaud - Noche Loca EP

Debuger 40 is out! Liberty Klaud at his best. Noche Locais a very funky tech-house track that is well layered and clearly mixed, great rhythmic and atmospheric synths. DJ GrujA broke the original beat and rearranged the sound balance.

[DEB039] Stanny Abram - Jobolenna EP

Stanny Abram does something out of the box on this one. Jobolenna is a track that is filled with layers of bass that will literally blow you away, supported with some vocals and funky samples. Remix by DJ GrujA is changing gears in the long brake, and is also very powerful.