[DEB106] DJ Sam Miguel and Wicks-E - Deep Underground

Sam Miguel has been writing/co-writing tracks since the 90s, DJing under the name Sammy J. Jr., using his sets to test reaction to his tracks before publishing. His early collaborations were with classmates Room 208 and KNIGHT...

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[DEB105] Pineal - Eye That Sees Everything

It makes sense to ask: "Does spiritual life already exist from the fourth dimension?" We live in three dimensions, and the only way to relate to the fourth is through time. Pineal, the gland that gives us the notion of time, is the only structure of the body that transposes this dimension, capable of capturing information beyond the third. It is the point of substantial union between body and soul.

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[DEB103] Mo:Re - Requisition

Mo:Re is another new artist on Debuger. His style is minimalistic, powerfull and very emotional. The influence of early techno music is echoing trough his tracks. Enjoy!

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