Lex Loofah

Lex Loofah has been producing since the early 90's. He's had releases on the Legendary Warp records under the names Solitaire Gee, Black Mojo and Jaco as well as Lex Loofah. Since then he's had releases on many labels including: Warp, Positiva, Undercool, Kaleydo Records, Abracadabra, Marba, 1980 Records, 19-08 Recordings, Alakazam, G-Stoned, Hocus Pocus, Incoming, Originators, Red Robot, Nasimus, Nice N' Nasty, Dublin Xpress, 22 Digit, Full House Digital, Royal Music Recordings, Club Vibez and many more. He is also the Owner of Fett Recordings and LB recordings.


Dasero is an electronic music addict, a life dedicated to develop smart rhythms has taken him to go among different styles, from house to hard-techno, minimal to hip hop or breaks but always printing his trademark. Like many artists of his generation saw a great opportunity to translate his ideas about dance music with the earliest computer DAW's leading him to publish some vinyls and perform the first live-acts of the time using these tools.


Traveltech aka Balint Bendeguz Bakos was born in Budapest in 1985. His love for music began in his childhood but at that time there weren’t any computer programs, tutorials and sound packages by which music and mixes could have been easily created.
In the year 1999 he started writing his own music, based only on his own ideas and sounds he learnt by himself to use several kinds of DAW software. Later he started playing music in small clubs using only vinyl.

Vid Marjanovic

Vid Marjanovic (1989) is a DJ and producer from Belgrade, Serbia. In his DJ sets you can hear many different kind of styles, it is a smooth mixture of Techno, Progressive House, Minimal, Tech-House, Deep House, Dub Techno, Psychedelic, BreakBeat & Jazz sounds. After being involved into psy/progressive trance scene as a DJ & Promoter from 2007-2009, at the end of year 2009 he decided to put his focus only into music production. At that period of time he was mostly influenced by artists like: Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Moby, Ott, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Dusty Kid, The Crystal Method, Laurent Garnier, Trentemoller, Extrawelt, Maetrik, Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Minilogue etc.


Nuendo is a Sydney based music producer who made a name by winning multiple remix contests back in 2012. Since then, he has had many successful releases capturing the essence of true house music. In particular, his track “Stars” reached no.54 on the beatport chillout charts and has featured on many club and radio charts internationally. Gaining this recognition has inspired Nuendo to take the world by storm and provide his listeners with music that will take them on an incredible journey!


Rhenalt thinks, breathes and lives music! He has been interested in electronic music since the late 80′s. Going to the nightclubs in the 90′s inspired him to start djing. Hearing the legendary DJ’s helped him find his sound. He has performed in every major club in New York City. His international gigs have taken him to venues in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rhenalt’s style of music varies between groovy, funky house/banging electro/hard hitting tribal and the dirtiest house known to man. Rhenalt’s DJ sets are filled with energy that keeps the crowd in a frenzy.

Tantze Knut

Knut Kintscher, aka, „Tantze Knut“ was born in 1986, in Hannover, Germany, but is based in Hamburg since 2009. Being drummer and co-founder in 2001. of the nationwide-known instrumental postrock band Hermelin, Tantze Knut is proud to look back upon several releases and numerous live-acts. In his opinion there are interesting parallels between electronic music and instrumental postrock music. Hermelin’s leitmotiv has always been transporting energy and devotion, far away from classical song structures, and this is what you find as well in latest Tantze Knut productions.