Igor Milton

Igor Milton

Born in Dubrovnik and now lives in Bonn .At the beginning of the nineties , he was one of the founders and a member of thedance group "Big Blue" in Dubrovnik.

After the breakdown of that group he became the artistic leader of the most successful dance group in Dubrovnik named "Labirius''.1999. visits Berlin and ''Love Parade - Music is the Key'' and shortly after that he become deeper interested in electronic music.

Soon he gets the first Dual CD Player Denon DN2000 Mk3 and studies him. With hunger of music, he starts playing at some of the Dubrovnik Clubs.

After leaving Croatia he lived in several other European countries and raised experience.In last few years get into music production.

Today he like to play music with Black Gold , loves to play and experiment with different styles of electronic genres and is not limited , as well as in production.

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